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Peer Review

Protocole for Editorial Annalysis of Papers

Papers will be sent by the correspondent author as Word attachment to the e-mail address and .
All correspondence will be performed via e-mail, therefore we kindly ask all the authors to send us their e-mail addresses.
As soon as possible, after receiving the paper, this will be given a registration number in the order of receiving, and the author in charge with the correspondence will be noticed regarding the paper registration number and its sending to 2 reviewers from Romania or from abroad, according to the theme of each paper.
The review editors will assign the papers to the 2 reviewers, accredited by the review, according to their expertise area, preserving the right of resorting to other specialists, in case the reviewers’ list does not comprise any author with expertise in the respective area.
The Executive Editor will analyse, first of all, if the editing requiremets of the review are fulfilled, and if not, he will send an e-mail to the corresondent author, asking for rewriting the paper according to editing requirements.
Papers complying with the editorial requirements will be sent, according to their specific theme, to the reviewers. The 2 reviewers will receive, from the executive editor, via e-mail, a request letter asking for a review over a period of two weeks and the paper attached to the e-mail.
If there are serious content or editing errors, the paper will be rejected by the Editor-in-Chief, after annalyzing the reviewers’ proposal.
In case any author requires the challenge of a certain reviewer, this request will be answered. There will be avoided, as far as possible, that the reviwers pertained to the same academic center as the authors of the paper.
After two weeks, the reviewers will inform the executive editor whether the papers were accepted without any modifications, with some modifications or if they were rejected. The result will be immediately communicated to the correspondent author, via e-mail, by the executive editor.
The executive editor will transmit an anonymous synthesis of the reviewers’ observations to the authors whose paper was accepted with modifications, asking them to resend the corrected material in no more than four weeks.
The newly modified papers will be resent to the same reviewers, who will take into consideration whether the previously required modifications have been performed (and to what extent). The reviewers will decide if the paper is to be accepted without any further modifications, with modifications or if it will be rejected. The results will be sent shortly to the correspondent author, who, in terms of maximum 2 weeks will resend the final form of the paper, and then the Editorial Board will decide whether the paper will be published or not.
The final decision of the Editorial Board will be transmitted, as soon as possible, to the correspondent author.
Priority to publication of accepted papers will be considered according to the following criteria:
• date of acceptance of paper final form by the reviewers
• degree of covering various sections of the review
• it is recommended that an author publish maximum one article as first author within the same number of the review.

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