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1880, Longines in Switzerland officially became a registered trademark, it is also the Swiss watch industry in the history of one of the oldest trademarks. 1885 International Exhibition in Antwerp , Longines table to win the first prize. After Longines to obtain a series of international awards, including a record that has 10 times GMT winning record.

Mingjiang series of handsome, gentle heart month series most suitable for refined men with pleasure girl, especially recommended two series rose gold as a material style that exudes a warm light metal quietly released a surge of energy fascinating, any The passage of time, always witness a true love will never fade.

Longines Master Collection rose gold moon phase watch

In this charming romantic season, facing pink happiness smile, Love is timeless, despite the time flies, time wasted, and only true love never dying.

Longines month series stainless steel rose gold watch
diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the bride dressed in white gauze, eyes flashing with tears of love, the same shining her wrist beautiful “heart month” Jewelry. Heart series stainless steel rose gold watch style and more diamonds decorate the dial
or bezel, it is also a piece of jewelry, master dazzling elegant princess as fairy tales. Overflowing fragrant rose flowers, fresh and pleasant aroma, lovingly, hold hands, hands, fingers intertwined wrist points
do not wear the precise and elegant Longines Master series rose gold month phase watch Longines month series stainless steel rose gold watch. The beauty of life can be described as an hourglass, steady love endless.

Looking for an expression always cherish, a symbol for life happiness, worth treasuring permanent gift gift lovers, romantic big wedding one pair of watch-just a wonderful love perfect witness, married on the table has become a shares romantic fashion. Longines elegance of the table has always been sought after by lovers who love the keepsake season Longines Special: Men’s style Longines Master series rose gold month phase watch with women’s styles Longines month series of stainless steel rose gold wrist The Table, embraced in pairs, just as genius and beauty, Jiaoutiancheng.