Romanian  Journal of  Diabetes
Nutrition  and  Metabolic  Diseases



Authors: Tiberius Mogoş, Carmen Dondoi, Andra Evelin Iacobini
„Prof. N.C. Paulescu” National Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Bucharest, Romania

Dietary fibers are a type of carbohydrates that are found in plant-based foods. They are not absorbed or digested by the body, but play an important role in maintaining good health. There are two types of dietary fiber – soluble and insoluble. Most foods contain both types, but are usually richer in one type than the other. Current evidence suggests that high-fiber diets, especially of the soluble variety, may offer some improvement in weight management, in carbohydrate metabolism, lower total and LDL cholesterol, and have other positive effects in patients diagnosed with diabetes (improvement of insulin sensitivity, modulation of the secretion of certain gut hormones, improvement of various metabolic and inflammatory markers associated with the metabolic syndrome), thus reducing the risk of cardio-metabolic diseases. The aim of our review is to reinforce the role of dietary fiber in the improvement of diabetes management

Key words: dietary fiber, diabetes, food

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